We're Open & We're Taking a Stroll down Memory Lane!

You know the awesome thing about following your dreams is the people you inspire just by living in your truth! Candles

have always been that one thing we could count on to lift our mood and brighten our day. Whether it was relaxing with a glass of wine & feel good music or a romantic dinner with bae, you can guarantee an amazingly scented candle can help spark a vibe to remember.

Memories are what remind us of what was and the feelings it brought, but they also give direction to our future! One of my favorite pastimes as a child was watching my favorite shows with my parents and 6 brothers and sisters and the laughter and tears we all shared as Martin and Gina loved then hated each other or Will and Uncle Phil engaging in a relevant conversation many of us knew all too well, like an absent parent or our first kiss (specifically NOT during an earthquake, lol). I especially remember the new episodes would all start around the Fall time and began to associate the smell of pumpkin and apple filling our house as the decor changed from summertime fun to cozy fall decor, as a sign that the good times was rolling in. Family gatherings, trips out of town for the holidays, I remember it like it was yesterday.

When I first started making candles as hobby in 2018, it was to take my mind off the turmoil I was dealing with at the time. I'd put on my best of the 90s music and get to work mixing and creating and would always go back to those moments as a little girl that made me feel happy, without a care in the world. It was such a healing moment for me, a moment that, once I decided to make this a business, I would want my customers to be able to recreate their own moments and aide in their own personal healing process whether its from a stressful day or winding down from a long week. Each candle was created for you to find your peace in chaos!

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